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 2020 Nature Programs

Our monthly calendar gives you a snapshot of upcoming events.  Scroll below the calendar for the detailed description of each event.
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* Membership CelebrationMembership Celebration

Free Ice Cream cones and Music by Fair to Fiddlin' for all Members at the Lillibridge Location. Bring a picnic supper and a blanket. 5:30-8:30pm. (Rain date: August 14)

* Hot-Diggity-Dog DayHot-Diggity-Dog Day

Bring your Furry Friend for a fun time. Photo-ops, Trickster Show, Obstacle Course, Prizes and Hotdogs of course! 5:30-8:30pm Animal Shelter Donations Accepted


All trails open dawn to dusk for your outdoor activities. Exciting and interesting events are being planned! See the ones that have been already scheduled for you below! Watch as our calendar fills and grows where science, art and nature come together!

Instructions for self-led activities at Pfeiffer Nature Center:

Pfeiffer Nature Center staff is working remotely for the time being so our office in Portville is closed.  However, phone messages and emails will continue to be answered and staff will continue to visit the properties as usual.  Although programs have been canceled through May, Pfeiffer properties remain open for the enjoyment of our community. There are many challenges facing families right now and finding new ways to keep children preoccupied must surely be near the top of the list.  Pfeiffer is working to create a variety of activities for families as well as individuals to enjoy at the properties which will be self-led. 

These activities will be available from sun up to sun down for participation at your leisure, allowing folks to be out in nature with a special mission in mind.  All activities will begin at the kiosk of the property mentioned in the activity.  The activities will be “hands free” to avoid contact concerns.  Instructions or anything needed to participate in the activity will be posted so they can be read without handling and cell phones can be used to take pictures of lists or maps when needed.  If paper and a writing tool is called for, we will let you know so that you can bring your own.  We intend to have the activities change regularly to give a great reason for return visits.  We will make activities available so long as our grounds are allowed to stay open and provided that folks keep current with and follow all rules put into place to keep us healthy.  This includes physical distancing, minimal group sizes and no crowding.  Be well and be safe and we look forward to your visit to Pfeiffer.  


“Baseball Trivia Trails at Pfeiffer Nature Center!”

This self-led activity is located at the Eshelman Property beginning Saturday, July 4th.

A season without baseball…NO OPENING DAY!!! All due to COVID-19.  We miss all of our sports, especially baseball, so we invite you to play in a game of Baseball Trivia Trails at Pfeiffer Nature Center!  Being outdoors seems to be the safest way to participate in activities as long as we remember to be safe and social distance, so bring your little leaguer, your grandparent, or your best friend to walk our trails and test your baseball knowledge. This game is a self-led activity that is set up at the Eshelman Property at 1420 Yubadam Road just outside of Portville.  Stop at the Eshelman kiosk and look for instructions and then follow the trail of baseballs. The Trivia Trail is set up like a baseball diamond (well sort of) with five stopping points – Pitcher’s Mound, First Base, Second Base, Third Base, and Home Plate.  Each stopping point has a trivia question posted on a stake.  Each Trivia Trail question is a hint to help you identify one MLB Team.  When you get to “Home Plate”, call into our office at 716-933-0187 or email us at and leave your name, email, telephone number and your guess of which MLB team you think is correct.  If you are correct, your name will be placed into a drawing for a gift certificate to the restaurant Grand Slam Grill.  Each week for three consecutive weeks, there will be trivia posted for three different MLB Teams.  You can have three chances at winning, but you must walk the trails and call in your guess of the MLB Team the trivia describes.  This game begins with the 1st Team being posted on Saturday, July 4th – After all, what is more American than baseball, hotdogs, and apple pie!? (Hot dogs and apple pie are future events…).  The 2nd Team will be posted on Saturday, July 11th and the 3rd Team willbe posted on Saturday, July 18th.  Come out to our trails at Eshelman and enjoy our baseball trivia game…you may be a WINNER!  Pfeiffer Nature Center is supported by United Way funding.  Pfeiffer Nature Center where science, art & nature come together.

“Nature Scavenger Hunt at Eshelman and Lillibridge” Self-led Activity through the month of July.   

The activity known as a “Scavenger Hunt” evolved from folk games played in ancient times.  Scavenger hunts became popular amongst adults in the United States in the 1930’s, but they quickly grew to include searches suitable for children as well.  Scavenger hunts remain popular with youngsters because they can be customized to an individual’s interests and abilities.  Setting up for a modern day scavenger hunt can run the range from no technology, through the use of paper and pen, to high technology through the use of apps and smart phones.  In the spirit of old fashioned fun, Pfeiffer Nature Center has placed a children’s nature scavenger hunt list up at the Lillibridge and Eshelman properties.  Both properties have the same list.  Pre-printed sheets are available at the kiosks or you can print off a copy of the list at home available through our website at  Be sure to bring a writing tool along if using paper.  If you would rather go paperless, you can take a picture of the scavenger hunt list posted on the kiosks. For the safety of our cherished flora and fauna, please do not attempt to collect the items on this list; check them off or snap a photo as you encounter them. The Eshelman Property is located at 1420 Yubadam Road, Portville, NY.   The Lillibridge Property is located at 1974 Lillibridge Road, Portville, NY. We would love for you to share pictures and let us know how you enjoyed your visit by e-mailing  Enjoy the wonderful outdoors!  Pfeiffer Nature Center is supported by United Way funding.  Pfeiffer Nature Center where science, art & nature come together.

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