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 2021 Nature Programs

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All trails open dawn to dusk for your outdoor activities. Exciting and interesting events are being planned! See the ones that have been already scheduled for you below! Watch as our calendar fills and grows where science, art and nature come together!  Click on date to read details of event(s).

Pfeiffer Nature Center’s 2021 Photo Contest and Show- Save the Date!!!

Sunday, September 19th 2021

Visit Pfeiffer Nature Center and start snapping your photos!

Pfeiffer Nature Center is excited to announce the return of our photo contest and show.  Get ready to create some beautiful and interesting images at the Pfeiffer Nature Center properties!  We invite photographers of all skill levels and ages to visit one or both of these properties to share their personal visual takeaways in a Photography Contest & Show on September 19th, 2021.  Yes, that’s right- 2021!  We are promoting this event in advance to give us all the opportunity to create photographs during any or all of the four seasons!  Photos from Pfeiffer properties, no matter when they were taken, are eligible for submission.  Pfeiffer locations include the Lillibridge property: 1974 Lillibridge Road, Portville NY and the Eshelman Property: 1420 Yubadam Road, Portville, NY.  The Contest/Show Event will be held at the Lillibridge chestnut cabin on Sunday, September 19th, 2021.  Please visit our website for details and a submission application.  Photographs must be submitted by August 27th, 2021.   Pfeiffer Nature Center is supported by United Way Funding.  Pfeiffer Nature Center where science, art & nature come together.


Celebrate World Ocean Day!

Self-led Activity beginning Friday, June 4th through the month of June 

June 8th is World Ocean Day and it is an International Day of celebration.  Proposed in 1992 by Canada’s International Centre of Ocean Development and the Ocean Institute of Canada at a UN Earth Summit, the day was created to honor the oceans which connect us all and give us life.  Our planet is covered by nearly 71% water, and of all of this water, about 96.5 percent of that water is Ocean.  No matter where we live on Mother Earth, we all need a healthy ocean to survive.  By protecting our oceans, we protect ourselves.  Take a walk with us along the interpretive trail to learn a little about a few of the fascinating creatures that call the ocean home as well as things that you can do to help support our watery world and the creatures that live within. Begin this walk at the Lillibridge Kiosk where a map will be available to guide you. This walk will be available through the month of June.  The Lillibridge Property is located at 1974 Lillibridge Road, Portville, NY.  We would love for you to share pictures and let us know how you enjoyed your visit by e-mailing  Enjoy the wonderful outdoors! Pfeiffer Nature Center is supported by United Way funding.  Pfeiffer Nature Center where science, art & nature come together.


Now through August 20th

ON GOING :Spring Self-led Photo Icon Walk at Lillibridg

Spring is here and so are our early season wildflower friends!  Don’t miss the opportunity to take some photos of these treasured beauties for our September 2021 Photo Contest and Show! To share with you some of the property highlights, we have created a self-led walking tour at the Lillibridge preserve.  This walk will make multiple stops at iconic features or views which are sure to catch your eye as well as your camera lens. This “choose your own day” and “set your own pace” photography walk is a fun way to get outside and appreciate the grandeur which surrounds us.  We look forward to seeing you and the creative beauty you have captured in September!  Begin your walk at the Lillibridge Kiosk where a map displaying the iconic stops can be found.  Pfeiffer Nature Center is supported by United Way funding.  Pfeiffer Nature Center where science, art & nature come together.

Bluebird Box and Bird Feeder Sale at Pfeiffer Nature Center

Bluebirds are one of the first migratory birds to arrive back to New York, generally arriving early to mid-March. To celebrate and support these beautiful birds, as well as Pfeiffer Nature Center, we hope you will consider supporting our bluebird box and bird feeder sale. ( Note: to successfully attract bluebirds, specific conditions must be met for habitat, box number and placement.  To see if your location is suitable, visit for details.  And don’t forget, for those who already have boxes, February is the time to clean them out.)  Bluebirds are not seed eaters and they may not be the right species for you, however, the bluebird boxes and bird feeders will attract lots of other wonderful bird species to your yard!  The bluebird boxes and bird feeders come assembled and ready for placement. 

The boxes and feeders are $15 each and can be purchased on line by clicking on “Register for our Programs on line” below the programs calendar on our website.  Boxes and feeders are limited in supply, first come first serve, and orders will be taken while supplies last.  We will contact you to confirm your order and to share pick up times and location information.  Thank you for helping to keep Pfeiffer Nature Center available to our community.  Pfeiffer Nature Center is supported by United Way funding.  Pfeiffer Nature Center where science, art & nature come together.

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