Tadpole Update

6/30 Update: Dr. Peter Ducey from SUNY Cortland graciously responded to our request for tadpole ID, indicating that likely candidates are wood frogs and american toads. I’m quite sure they’re not toads due to the shapes of the egg masses, so we’re left with wood frogs, one of my initial guesses. I found a site with a photo of a wood frog tadpole that confirms this. (Try not to think about how he got that picture.)

I took Kenton & Rebecca’s suggestion, and this morning captured a few tadpoles in a clear plastic container. Again. For the third time. I carried them to my sugar house, where it’s nice and dark.

And then back out into the early morning sunshine.

It’s now perfectly clear – those tadpoles are indeed iridescent, not luminescent.

I STILL don’t know what kind of frogs they’ll turn into, however, so still looking for your information.

by Peg Cherre, Executive Director