Preparing for Spring

It’s the time of year where we just seem to have one bleary day after another.  But there’s hope on the horizon as my daffodils have popped up ready to bolt with the first week of warm and sunny weather.  So taking my cue from the daffodils, I went out and marked the trees at the house I will be watching for Project BudBurst.

The project uses citizens like us to record the emergence of buds tracking the progress of spring.  I really enjoyed doing this last year and would encourage you to try it as well.  Simply look at the list of trees and plants for your area, choose which one you’ll watch, then make a point to take a peek to note the changes.

I’ve marked our Eastern Redbud today with a little strip of colored ribbon to remind me to look.  I pass the tree every day on my way to the car so it’s super easy to remember to observe the tree changes.  The Project BudBurst site makes it convenient for me to make my observation entries online and I get a little burst of happiness each day as I watch this little tree respond to the changes of the season.