Call & Response

bird callingMany birds play a little call & response game. A chickadee in the maple will call “chicka-dee-dee-dee” and one in the pine will respond in kind. Barred owls often ask, “who cooks for you?” only to hear the reply, “who cooks for y’all?” (By the way, did you know that you can often tell male from female barred owls by their calls? The last note of a female barred owl is often quite the trill, while the male is generally a clear note.)

I did get some responses to my “It’s Your Call” challenge, and as promised, and printing the winner here.

Congratulations to Bill Penoyer for his winning submission!

Nature’s center, centered within each of us

I like the way Bill brought the broader concept of nature back into the personal level. He wins one of our hand crafted bat houses for his efforts.

We’re hoping that the installation of bat houses will help get our region’s little brown bats back on the rise from white nose fungus.

To learn more about bats, check out programs at the Nature Center, or watch your local library; Reann will be traveling to area libraries this summer with some “batty” info.