Preparing for our Feathered Friends

Warblers, bluebirds, and many other bird species return to this area when it’s still plenty cold – snow on the ground and frequent below-freezing temps.  Without, they start looking for their mates early in the season, and then immediately set up housekeeping –  nest-building in bird vocabulary.  To make your yard bird-friendly, have birdhouses installed in late February or early March.

Want to know what different birds require for their housing?  Need a new bluebird house?

Join us on February 22!  We’ll teach you what you need to know, and you’ll build a house to take home with you, finish, and hang!

Watch a video from our last bluebird house-building session.

Location: First Presbyterian Church of Portville
Time: 11AM – 1PM

This workshop can accommodate a very small number of people, so register early!  Only $18.00 includes all materials, supplies, and instruction.