Dandelions – Love ’em or hate ’em?

dandelion flowerNow that it’s finally spring in western New York, people are out in their yards. We’re weeding and mulching our flower gardens, turning over our vegetable plots, and sharpening the blades on our lawn mowers.

I am the opposite of a lawn purist. If it’s green and growing in my yard and I can mow it with my lawn mower, I’m good with it. Grass is great, but I don’t mind weeds in the lawn.

I know lots of people are far more particular about their lawns. Grass is what they want, and they work diligently to make grass be all that they have. Dandelions are the bane of their existence.

This article from Northern Woodlands provides lots of insights into the lowly dandelion and its historic importance. It may give you pause as you look at those yellow flower heads.