What will they find?

kids discovering natureWE’RE GOING TO THE CREEK!! Nature is endlessly fascinating.   When parents or other caring adults can share their excitement, their interest, and their enjoyment of the natural world with their young person, magic happens.

Mom and Dad encourage the child, who in turn inspires the parents to reinforce or renew their commitment to nature.  It can be as simple as watching an ant crawl across the grass or as complex as exploring the relationship between the plants and animals in the forest.

It’s not the specific focus of the exploration that’s important, but rather the joy of being outdoors, sharing the feeling of the wind and sunlight, being thrilled by the sights and sounds, that’s important.  The everyday becomes exceptional when viewed through the lens of a child’s eyes and curiosity.  The excitement is contagious.  Everyone is involved and everyone benefits.  A simple walk in the forest and meadow, some sharing of skills and talents, a nature game or two, and the parent-child bond becomes a little stronger.

Make magic happen in your family – join us from 12-2:00pm at 1420 Yubadam Road.  Only $8 for adult/child pair – reservations required.

Make your reservations online now, or call us at 716.933.0187