All Natural Wreath Decorations

We’re well underway in the 2015 holiday wreath sale.  That means we’re busily gathering materials – in fact we started collecting some things months ago.

We use all kinds of things to decorate our all-natural holiday wreaths.  Sure, we have some old standbys like pine cones, but every year we’re surprised by someone bringing in materials we haven’t used before, and we often can’t get enough!  We love getting new materials to try!  There’s an almost-endless supply of local plant materials if you look with a creative eye.  To get you started, here’s an A to Z list of wreath decorations ideas. 

What can you collect and get to us by mid-November?

pine coneAcorns; apples, sliced & dried; artemisia, dried
Baby’s breath; bay leaves
Cones from all sizes & types of pine, spruce & fir
Dried flowers of almost any type
featherEucalyptus leaves, dried
Fir cones; feathers
Grasses and their seed heads (shake to remove the seeds); globe amaranth flowers, dried; gourds, small, dried
Hydrangea flower heads, dried; holly branches
Indian corn, tiny;
Juniper branches
love-in-a-mist seed pod
Kalanchoe flowers, dried; kiwis, dried
Locust seed pods; beautiful dried leaves from trees & shrubs; lavender, dried
orange slice
Money plant seed pods (also called silver dollar, honesty plant, lunaria, and other names); milkweed seed pods
Nigella seed heads (also called love-in-a-mist)
Ostrich fern spore stems; oregano seed heads, dried; orange slices, dried
Pearly everlasting, dried; peppers, red & dried (think chilies, banana peppers, cherry peppers)
Queen Anne’s lace, dried
Roses, dried; rose hips; red twig dogwood; Russian statice
Statice; Siberian iris seed pods; straw flowers
Teasel; thistle; tansy flower heads, dried; twigs from curly or other interestingly-shaped plants
Unusual flowers, seeds, plants, or twigs – all dried
Vines with interesting shapes, with or without dried leaves, flowers, or berries
Winterberry branches with fruit; wheat (shake to remove seeds)
golden yarrow
Xtraordinary, xceptional, or xciting natural items you notice (I took some spelling liberties)
Yarrow, particularly brightly colored, dried; yellow twig dogwood
Zinnia flowers, dried