Fall Is In the Air

In a few short weeks we’ve gone from leaves with a touch of color, to our first frost and now absolutely glorious color!  Everyone is preparing to hunker down for what is predicted to be a tough winter.   We’re wrapping up the year as well with our three remaining programs for 2012.

On October 6, we’ll be offering Fabulous Ferns, An Introduction.  On October 20th, join Vicki and Ray and participate in Introduction to Winemaking, and finally November 8 we’ll offer an Introduction to the Night Sky.

All three programs have reminders that fall is upon us.  The ferns are dropping mature spores to create the next generation of life we’ll see sprouting in spring.  The winemakers take bounty from the fields and turn them into the belly warming beverages that make you feel toasty on the cold winter nights, and ahhh…. the night sky!  Orion rises and will repeat his climb in the sky each and every night thru spring.

We hope you’ll join us for our final programs and if not, look for our new 2013 schedule here around the end of October. 🙂