Improving Drainage

It’s such an unusual sight to see heavy equipment anywhere on our Lillibridge Road property.  This is a sure sign of progress in reshaping the land to drain water away from our beautiful Historic American Chestnut log cabin.

Heavy equipment in the driveway

We extend our deep gratitude to LC Whitford Company for the use of the equipment, and to Bill B with SUNY Alfred‘s Heavy Equipment program for providing the student and skilled manpower to get the job done.

They decided to tackle the small end of the job first. Although it doesn’t seem so small when you look at all the flagstone they had to move and stack up before they could really get started.

It’s amazing how some it was cut, many decades ago, to be so clearly rectangular.

Once all the stone was moved, they could scrape away some of the earth near the cabin door. It had heaved over the years and was directing water toward the door instead of away from it.
Soil-moved-for-drainage- 2

It’s impressive how much work can get done in one day with the right people and the right equipment. This part of the job alone would have taken many volunteer hours, aching muscles, sweat and strain over several days to accomplish otherwise. THANKS, GUYS & GALS!!