More on Birding 101

Pop Quiz: How high up in the trees do scarlet tanagers like to perch? (Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer – we’re not grading you!)

Beautiful glorious spring has finally arrived! That means we get to wake up in the morning to the magical and musical sounds of our feathered friends that have returned home to enjoy the warmer weather with us.

We all enjoy listening to the sounds of birds and observing them in their natural habitat but can you recognize the difference between the call of a black-capped chickadee from a robin? Can you find the spots that cardinals like to hang out? Want to find out?

Join us for Naturalist 101: Intro to Birding – an opportunity to learn how to recognize local birds you encounter, Saturday April 5th from 10am to 11:30am. Local birding expert, Bert Schweigert, has been watching birds since he was a young boy. He will teach new birders what birds eat, where they like to set up their house and how to use a field guide correctly. Participants will also get to try out several types of binoculars and scopes to help find the type that works best for them. Our bird walks are coming up in May – this is the best way to get ready!

There is nothing more relaxing on a warm spring day than taking a nature walk through the woods with your binoculars taking in all the beauty and music that birds offer us. Who needs a relaxation CD when the sounds of birds singing provide the best meditation music we could find? And nothing beats the satisfaction of being able to identify those feathered friends we encounter. Learn how to do all that and more in Naturalist 101: Intro to Birding at the Pfeiffer Nature Center Office, 14 South Main Street, Portville. Just $7 per person. To learn more and to register, visit or call 716-933-0187.