Naturalist 101: Intro to Birding

black-capped chickadee“Hey Sweetie!” That’s how my friend identifies the call of the Black-capped Chickadee, one of our common, year-round birds. The Chickadee is visually appealing, with clear colors and a rounded body and head. He’s also not a particularly shy bird, likely be easy to spot if you just sit still.

There are plenty of other birds that like to hide in the leaves or the grasses, making it hard to find them.  And when you do, how do you know what you’ve just seen?

Do you know the distinctive movements of a phoebe?  Where to look for a cardinal?  How high in the trees to look for a scarlet tanager?

Understanding basic bird behavior and learning how to really ‘see’ birds will likely make you a much happier birder.

cedar-waxwingBert Schweigert has been watching birds since he was a small boy.  He’s happy to help can help new birders learn about birds – what they eat, where they prefer to live, and how to use a field guide correctly, saving you it saves hours of time and frustration from simply flipping through the pages looking for ‘a yellow bird.’

In addition to lots of info about birds, you’ll have a chance to try out several types of binoculars and scopes, helping you choose the type that will work the best for you.

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