All Natural Wreath Decorations

We’re well underway in the 2015 holiday wreath sale. That means we’re busily gathering materials – in fact we started collecting some things months ago.

We use all kinds of things to decorate our all-natural holiday wreaths. Sure, we have some old standbys like pine cones, but every year we’re surprised by someone bringing in […]

Dandelions – Love ’em or hate ’em?

Now that it’s finally spring in western New York, people are out in their yards. We’re weeding and mulching our flower gardens, turning over our vegetable plots, and sharpening the blades on our lawn mowers.

I am the opposite of a lawn purist. If it’s green and growing in my yard and I can mow […]

Preschoolers & Nature

They’re a natural fit. Kids love the outdoors, and they love learning. Nature wants people to care about it so they’ll care for it. Pfeiffer Nature Center wants to share our joy in the natural world with everyone.

It’s a win-win-win!

This program is designed especially for little hands, eager minds, and short attention spans. […]


Arbor Day Is April 27 – What Can You Do? Over 135 years ago, J. Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day in Nebraska. Today trees are facing even more dangers than they did back then. They are being destroyed by wildfires, insects, diseases and natural disasters. All of these threats make Morton’s simple idea of […]

Record-Breaking Wreath Sales

Thanks to everyone’s hard work, we had another record-breaking year of wreath sales, selling a combined total of 381 fir and boxwood wreaths!! This exceeded last year’s sales, our previous record, by more than 30 wreaths.

Once all those wreath orders were in, a small army descended on Pleasant Valley Greenhouse for two days, […]

Lillibridge Video

Rick Miller, writer and photographer for the Olean Times Herald, walked around our Lillibridge property last week and shot some great photos.

He’s assembled them into a YouTube video.


Bloodroot in Bloom

The bloodroot is in bloom on the top of Lillibridge Road. This sweet, little garden circle is near the cabin door, and at this time of year, only bloodroot, a patch of meadow rue, and a bit of violet is visible.

This area was already shaded when I was there this afternoon, so […]

Pfeiffer Nature Center Slideshow

I recently took Rick Miller, reporter for the Olean Times Herald, on a walk through part of our Lillibridge Road property. He took many photos, and posted them as a slide show on YouTube. Check it out!

Preparing for Spring

It’s the time of year where we just seem to have one bleary day after another. But there’s hope on the horizon as my daffodils have popped up ready to bolt with the first week of warm and sunny weather. So taking my cue from the daffodils, I went out and marked the trees at […]

It’s beginning to look a lot…

…like Christmas?!

It’s only July, but many of us here at Pfeiffer Nature Center have been preparing for our annual holiday wreath sale for months already.

Preparing how, you say? By gathering and drying materials for the wreath decorations. So far I know we’ve collected several bags of pine cones from white pines. We […]